Life Cycle Events

Alumni Update: Yasher Koach to:

  • Aryeh Leib Rabinowitz who is pursuing a Smicha Program at the Kollel Avreichim
  • Dovid Silver graduating York University with a degree in Psychology
  • Yaakov Spiegel who is entering Georgetown Medical School
  • Elisha Grunwald who is currently in his 3rd year of a Bachelor of Finance Program at York University
  • Allan Azoulay for publishing his first book entitled “A Legacy of Leaders” an insightful book providing inspiring stories and Biographies of Sephardic Hachamim
  • Ezra Salcman who is in his 4th year at Beis Yisroel recently wrote on an article on “the Modes of Acquisition in Jewish Divorce” that was published in the Journal of Yeshiva Beis Yisroel

Mazel Tov to Dubie Meiels on his recent wedding to Meira Gelkopf

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